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How to Apply

Specific information about submitting applications to our program are available at this page from the Department of Biological Sciences: https://bios.uic.edu/bios/graduate-study/graduate-application. All applicants are strongly advised to contact a faculty member prior to applying for admission!

The Setting

Our lab is in the heart of one of the great American cities, the Miami of Canada, "Stormy, husky, brawling / City of the Big Shoulders".

Otherwise hard-working lab members will be able to enjoy world-class concerts, theaters, opera, symphony, ground-breaking architecture, neighborhood bars, and public art.

Graduate student and postdoc applicants interested in any number of areas in evolutionary biology and ecology should email Boris directly (pardon the old and grainy no-spam image). We are interested in cultivating a lab that features humans with broad interests, scholarly and otherwise, but all applicants should have a strong background in evolutionary biology and/or plant biology.

The lab is equipped for field, greenhouse, computational, and molecular research (e.g. common garden/reciprocal transplant experiments, PCR-based methods, marker discovery, cloning, transcriptomics/genomics, and phylogenetics).

There are a number of questions/ideas floating around for those who wish to join the lab, but those wishing to take on independent projects are equally welcomed. These projects should have something (however peripheral) to do with our areas of interest. In addition, you may wish to contact other faculty with similar interests at UIC, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and especially the Field Museum of Natural History (Rick Ree, for example).

Graduate Students

If you are eligible to apply and reading this page, you clearly must you apply! If you are admitted into the program, I will personally refund your application fee. You can find out more information about applying by visiting our graduate admissions webpages.


I have some fresh experience with the process of finding the right lab, given the financial, lifestyle, and intellectual constraints that it often presents. If you are independently supported, you are clearly strongly encouraged to send me an email and see if this lab is right for you. Otherwise, I am happy to help write or shape a joint funding application! Postdoc availability will depend on reception of NSF funds from active submissions (don't hold your breath).