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Lab Members: Academic Season 2023-2024

Presently, the full-time members of the lab are--in alphabetical order:

Boris Igic, Associate Professor
Boris is an avid fan of Chicago (a.k.a. the Miami of Canada) and its many faults; department table tennis ringer, on rare days when uninjured; backgammon enthusiast. Founding member, Giro di Gyro a lab cycling team competition.

Kyle Knudsen, M.S. Candidate
Kyle arrived from the University of Minnesota (B.S. Psychology & Biology). Along with a strong focus on teaching preparation (his main interest) Kyle's Masters' work examines the predictions of Baker's law in the context of biological invasions.

People Formerly Known as Lab Members

Karolis Ramanauskas, Ph.D. (2022)
Karolis also received his B.S. from UIC. His thesis was concerned with uncovering RNase-based SI across eudicots. To this end, he pioneered an RNA-seq method to rapidly detect the genetic basis of SI, and wrote the pipeline KAKAPO (with many broader uses) to aid in this task. He is currently a postdoc with Joe Walker.

Lucy Delaney, Ph.D. (2021)
Before arriving in the lab, Lucy earned a Master's degree from CUNY (Hunter College). Her thesis project combined work on breeding system evolution and education. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Teaching at the University of California, Riverside.

Andy Raduski, Ph.D. (2019)
After a B.A. from Indiana University, Dr. Raduski started his thesis work in the lab. He examined the relationship between the expression of SI and realized outcrossing rates, worked out the inheritance of self-fertility in Chilean wild tomato, as well as the group's systematics. His rock-throwing skills are formidable; alas, table tennis is not his strong suit.

Emma Goldberg, Postdoc (2008-2011)
Dr. Goldberg was an Associate Professor at University of Minnesota, and is now at Los Alamos National Laboratory. When she was in town, we probably had the best table tennis, dodgeball, and backgammon team in all of biology.

Kelly Robertson, M.S. (2012)
Kelly's thesis work was primarily concerned with breeding system evolution in Solanaceae. She graduated from the renowned UIC Pharmacy program, and is a practicing pharmacist. Also, a former member of the Igic Lab cycling outfit, Giro di Gyro.

Elizabeth Boyd, Former Student
Liz left in 2009, but not before she helped us finish an exciting project about the distribution of breeding systems in angiosperms. She is presently a Senior Research Officer at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.